Tarika, Origin8 launch EBIMS-AirWatch

Tarika Group, Inc. (dba Tarika Tech) and Origin8 Limited have launched the first cloud-based Enterprise Business Information Management Systems (EBIMS) in Ghana, named EBIMS-AirWatch.

The cloud-based EBIMS-AirWatch was developed by Tarika Tech, a USA-based Information Technology (IT) firm to support media houses to manage their operations.

In an effort for an initial country-wide rollout and subsequently, to the African market, Tarika partnered with Origin8 Limited to be the exclusive partner to support marketing and deployment of EBIMS-AirWatch in Ghana and the African Region. Origin8 Limited and Tarika Tech recently announced their partnership to promote digital solutions in Ghana and Africa.

Tarika Tech, in partnership with Origin8, successfully launched the product and rolled it out to The Multimedia Group, the first media organization in Ghana, to use the cloud-based EBIMS-AirWatch.

The Chief Finance Officer of Multimedia Group, Ransford Ashong expressed their excitement about the new technology and noted that they look forward to optimizing their operations and entrenching their position in the market.

Commenting on the cloud-based EBIMS-AirWatch, CEO of Tarika Tech, Sachin Agrawal reinforced the need for stronger integration of systems in an organization to ensure transparency and visibility across the board.

Mr. Agrawal stressed that “without real-time information for decision-makers, organizations will always lag behind in terms of competitiveness and growth. The core of the solution is data – the attempt with EBIMS-AirWatch is just that.” He added, “Our goal is to be your business partner and not just a service provider from product roll-out to usage, enhancements, and continuous support.”

The CEO of Origin8 Limited, William Ansah, leading the marketing and deployment of the cloud-based EBIMS-AirWatch in Ghana and Africa stated, “You cannot separate technology from business operations and be competitive in the modern environment. Traditional and Digital radio and TV stations across Africa have only one need – the adoption of EBIMS-AirWatch to operationalize their day-to-day activities for efficiency, growth, and profitability. To strengthen our partnership, I’m excited to invite Sachin to be our Chief Technology Advisor for Origin8.”

Tarika has acquired all rights to the legacy AirWatch solution being used by various media houses in the country and rebuilt the solution from the ground up within its EBIMS product, known as EBIMS-AirWatch.

EBIMS-AirWatch is a fully integrated cloud-based system that minimizes manual processes and paperwork, provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, brings real-time visibility of key performance indicators (KPI) to the decision-makers and visibility throughout the organisation. Additionally, the solution offers a flexible media scheduling capability with a seamless transition to the studio; work order processing, and invoicing, all as a part of one workflow to optimize control and efficiency.

At the heart of the system is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature, a robust key feature of the product to centralize customer relations and interactions. Its additional features include management of the human resource, sales, contracts, projects, tasks, work orders, and timesheet.

More important to the above is the robust helpdesk module, accounts receivable and payables modules, among others, while maintaining a complete digital trail of activities. Beyond these, the customer is not left out as the Client Portal offers them access to Work Orders, Invoices and digital payment options.

Tarika and Origin8 bring into Ghana and Africa, a one-stop technology solution supporting Management Consulting, Software & Analytics, and Digital Media solutions.

Original Source: https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/pressreleases/lTarika-Origin8-launch-EBIMS-AirWatch-1352845

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