Carrying a unique approach towards technology management, our process is geared towards adding value to your business.
We primarily exist as a technology company, but carry a very unique approach towards technology management. Our process first and foremost, focuses on your business needs and objectives. Similarly, our management approach is geared towards adding value to your business, through technology. Our approach is about devising a technology plan that includes complete understanding of our client’s business, improving operational processes, increasing efficiency, and reducing the total cost of ownership. This approach has allowed our clients to focus on their businesses and achieve their goals and that’s one of the key differentiators for Tarika Tech.
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Architecture, Design & Development Process
We deliver cost-effective customized software applications as per the needs of our clients. A common question that we often encounter is how are we different from ‘other’ companies offering outsourced solutions, and why would you choose us, apart from just cost-savings?
At Tarika Tech, we put a lot of emphasis on architecture, so we constantly keep evaluating its impact on your business throughout the process. We follow a simple analogy by comparing with real estate industry. Just as architecture is crucial in having the blueprint of your house to avoid any costly demolition and escalated timelines; the same applies to your Technology Infrastructure, hardware, software, and network requirements, which our team understands completely. This has been further described in our virtual CIO model.
We have analysed various development methodologies, and, speaking particularly in the software realm, we have several project management disciplines. We have developed ourselves to understand these, have finally adapted its use in our development practices and catered the model further to be used in our other business units.
Support Process
We exist to support your technology needs, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.
At Tarika Tech, no issue is considered resolved until the solution undergoes complete verification and is acknowledged by the client. We have experienced the level of frustration, when service requests are not handled properly; leave aside the added nightmare of repeatedly requesting status updates. At Tarika Tech, we have thoroughly analysed the support model and have created a process around it. We call this our “Closed Loop Support System”.
All accounts are assigned to a dedicated account executive, which are further reviewed by our senior executive team periodically, to ensure timely delivery, compliance, quality, and total customer satisfaction. We treat all support requests at highest priority. Once the issue is identified, we perform a business impact analysis to check through dependencies on other parts of the technology spectrum and go about resolution, all while keeping you in the loop.
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Option for In-shore or Offshore Management, Architecture & Design
We have experienced and realized that one of the major challenges faced while outsourcing your technology needs, is the lack of strong management principles for the team, and poor quality of architecture and design. This poses a ‘high-risk’ situation for the product under development, resulting in either poor development or complete failure of delivery. To avoid such consequences, we determine the project scope, and then appoint project managers at both ends, inshore and offshore. In addition to strong management principles, in most cases, architecture of the entire product is kept in-shore ensuring complete quality control and successful delivery. Our teams perform complete documentation following stringent guidelines.
Confidentiality of Product & Security of Code-base
It is tremendously challenging to control IT projects, and a larger challenge can be the premature release of a software product or violation of privacy rights. While everyone in our team is bound under a strict confidentiality clause, we ensure total confidentiality of the product and security of code-base on specific projects by releasing specific modules to our offshore team. This enables us to use our talented resources offshore, save cost, ensure timely delivery, and maintain privacy of your product.
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