Documentation of Setup Active Directory and DNS Server

  1. First install window server 2003.
  2. Go to Start then in Run type “dcpromo” press enter.
  3. Active Directory Wizard will appear on the screen.
  4. Click Next to continue the installation.
  5. In Operating System Compatibility click Next to proceed the installation.3
  6. In Domain Controller Type, select Domain Controller for new Domain.
  7. In Create New Domain, select “Domain in a new Forest”.
  8. In New Domain Name type the Domain name you want to give to your Domain.
  9. Then click Next icon to continue.
  10. NetBIOS Domain Name will appear automatically.
  11. Click Next to continue installation.
  12. In Database and Log Folder, it’s your wish to change it or just remain it as it is.
  13. After that click Next icon for installation.
  14. Shared System Volume will also remain same as it is.
  15. Select “Install and Configure the DNS server on this server” in DNS Registration Diagnostic.
  16. Click on the Next icon to continue.
  17. In Permission, select Window 2000 or Window 2003 Server option.
  18. After that click Next icon.
  19. Than restore the Administrator Password and also retype it for conformation.
  20. Click Next icon to continue.
  21. Then Review the Summary and click Next icon.
  22. Wizard will start Installing.
  23. Your Active Directory Installation Wizard has been completed.
  24. Click Finish to End wizard and Restart your PC Now.